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I Offer Different Types of Tennis Lessons & Training

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective form of instruction as this is one-on-one training where your individual game is the complete focus of the lesson. I offer private lessons at $50/hr. Slots may be limited, check calendar for open slots/times/days. Please text me before scheduling so I know more about you! (512-585-7500) Here is my link to schedule:



Group lesson offer a more affordable, multiple player type of instruction. Here, I design drills and games that are suited for more than one player. Ideally, a group will consist of players who are all of about the same level.

Rates are as follows:

Group of 2: $25 each

Group of 3: $20 each

Group of 4-6: $20 each


I give all of my morning lessons at Leander High School and all of my evening lessons at Glenn High School due to availability issues. I will typically have at least 2-3 lessons in a row, so it is important to be prompt.


I offer lessons to players of ALL levels. I currently have players ranging in age from 5 to 80. I can help a beginner who has never played up to the player who is nearing a college level.

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